6 in 1 LCD Curling Irons 80°C – 230°C Temperature Adjustable Ceramic with Different Diameter Irons


  • Ceramic and Tourmaline – The curling iron is coated in ceramic with tourmaline, to give your curls a shiny, soft shine
  • 6 different diameter curling irons – Create a different, versatile look for different occasions
  • LCD screen – Simultaneously pressing the +/- buttons changes the unit of the curling iron from centigrade to fahrenheit. The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen, so you can set, change and control the temperature in a very intuitive way.
  • 31 Different Temperatures – Fast heating, the temperature can be adjusted from 80° to 230°, increasing or decreasing by 5 degrees at a time, the curling iron can be adapted to all hair types
  • Auto Power Off in 60 Minutes – After use, if you forget your curling iron is on, it will automatically switch off within 60 minutes?
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Intelligent temperature control 

Thick hair: 180℃-230℃

Normal hair: 120℃-180℃

Thin hair: 80℃-120℃

LCD screen

By pressing the +/- buttons you can increase or decrease the temperature depending on the type of hair. The temperature is directly displayed on the LCD screen. In addition, by pressing the ‘+’&’-‘ buttons at the same time, you can change the unit of measurement displayed on the screen from centigrade to fahrenheit.

3 Coatings to protect your hair

Ceramic coating

PTC coating

Rustproofing layer

First Method Use: Step 1

Open the clip and place the hair in the middle between the clip and the iron.

First Method Use: Step 2

Then wrap your hair around the iron and close the clip.

Second Method Use: Step 1

Open the clip and place the end of the hair between the clip and the iron.

Second Method Use: Step 2

Then close the clip and wrap your hair around the iron.